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a. Imagine Learning - Click here to access the Imagine Learning website for ELL learners.
- You might need to wait a while the first time that the program loads.
- Enter your username and password and have fun learning!
a. SBAC Training and Practice Want to do your best on the SBAC test? Click the Practice and Training Test link to make sure you know how to use the tools and to get an idea of the types of content you'll need to know. These items are to help you get used to answering similar questions that will appear on the test. Log in as a guest and make sure to click your grade level.

a. Sketchpad Use this drawing application to create your picture. Explore the different brushes, shapes, fonts, and backgrounds to make an awesome project!
a. Smarty Ants (students) Enter your username and password. This will open your Smarty Ants classroom. You may then select your ant and begin to have fun mastering foundational reading skills with Smarty Ants!
a. Typing Agent Learn critical keyboarding skills, how to type code, internet safety, word processing, & more.
ABCYA.com Educational games for kids.
BBC Dance Mat Typing Dance Mat Typing is a fun way to learn touch typing.There are four levels to play that are divided into three stages. After learning the home row keys, stages build on previous lessons, introducing new letters as you progress. You’ll soon be touch typing like an expert! At the end of each level you can test your typing speed and get a fun reward.
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