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Parent Handbook

Students are responsible for the replacement cost of all lost or damaged textbooks and library books issued to them during the school year.  All outstanding books must be cleared before transferring to another school and/or ending a school year.
Items that become a distraction to the school day will be considered contraband.  Contrabands may be instructional or non-instructional items such as toys, playground equipment, electronic devices, illegal items, laser pointers, trading cards, etc.  Contrabands will be confiscated by Teachers/Adult Staff members and held in the office for pick up by parents at a later date.  Illegal contrabands will be turned over to the police and parents will be called.
Parents are urged to leave their children in school all day.  Doctor or other appointments should be scheduled outside of school hours whenever possible.  A written note by the parent should be sent to the teacher stating the date, time and reason for early release.  A student pass will be issued and the student may leave after the parent signs the student release log in the office. 
Each child requires two Emergency Information cards.  Current and complete information is of utmost importance.  Please notify the school immediately when there are any changes.  One copy will be held in the health room.  The second copy will be held by the classroom teacher in the event of emergency evacuation. 
Each teacher will instruct the students regarding the specific procedures for fire drill, lock down, shelter-in-place, and evacuation alerts. 
The Hawaii School Attendance Law requires all students meet certain health requirements before attending any public school in the state.  A child will be excluded from school if health requirements are not completed in a timely manner.
No medication will be administered by Authorized DOE personnel without the completion of the form SH36 and prior review by the Public Health Nurse (PHN).
HOMEWORK   (D.O.E. Regulation 4700)
  1. Homework shall be considered within the framework of the needs of individual students.
  2. The ultimate aim in the accomplishment of homework shall be the acceptance of student responsibility for independent work outside the formal classroom setting. 
Objectives of Homework
  • To develop responsibility and independent study skills.
  • To reinforce and apply what was learned in class.
  • To promote a positive attitude toward studying at home.  
Student Responsibility
In order to foster independent study skills, students are responsible for the following guidelines:
  • Make sure you understand the homework assignment(s) before leaving school.
  • Take home all necessary homework and materials you need to complete your assignments.
  • Have an organized means of keeping and carrying homework to and from school.
  • Students are to make up all work due to absences. 
Parent Responsibility
It is the belief of the Kamilo`iki School staff that the parents’ positive involvement and support of a homework plan is beneficial to the child’s academic growth and achievement.
The following are considered parent responsibilities:
  • Read and discuss the class work with your child.
  • Provide necessary assistance and a positive, supportive attitude for completing assigned tasks according to instructions from the teacher.
  • Provide an appropriate time and environment for studying and learning.
  • Develop a routine to ensure that:
    • All required assignments, books, and materials are brought home.
    • All assignments are completed and returned to school on time.
    • The student has an organized means of keeping and carrying homework assignments.
  • Promptly communicate any concerns or questions regarding homework assignments to your child’s teacher. 
The school day for students begins at 8:05 a.m. and ends at 2:15 p.m.  On Wednesday, students are dismissed at 1:30 p.m.
Classrooms will open at 8:00 a.m.  Students should not be on the school campus prior to 7:30 a.m.  For safety, please follow campus-wide seating:
Grade K-2: Sit in front of classrooms.
Grade 3: Sit in two lines at stairwell closest to B-playground.
Grade 4: Sit against the library wall closest to C-building.
Grade 5: Sit against the library wall closest to A-building.
Students should be picked up no later than 2:30 p.m. (1:45 p.m. on Wednesday) unless they have a meeting or after school classes.  There is no supervision other than A+.