Kamiloiki Elementary

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Technology at Kamilo`iki

At Kamilo`iki, technology is viewed as a tool to help enhance learning.  This could be to support reading, learning to keyboard, researching, doing collaborative work, creating products or presentations, or an unlimited number of other ways that teachers and students think of.  
IB Exhibition PresentationsWe are lucky to have 2 PC labs, 1 Mac lab, 2 Chromebook carts in the school that classes have access to.  Classrooms also have 3-4 iPads, a projector and a document camera to facilitate teaching and learning.  A long term goal is to have one device per student to take fuller advantage of our digital Language Arts and Math curriculum along with being able to more fully support our IB units and learning.  
You may learn a little more through the attached "Technology Corner" pages that have gone out with our Kamilo`iki News.